Other conspicuous design prizes:


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Europe PrizeMagazine PrizeSchool PrizeWomens' Fashion Prize
Dezain Sho PrizeCompanies PrizeOf The Designer PrizeProfessional Prize
Intelligent Furniture PrizeMachinery PrizeManagement PrizeMaterial Prize
Orange Products PrizeRed Arts PrizeTypography PrizeUnexpected Prize
Vehicle PrizeWhite Appliances PrizeWriting PrizeStudents' Prize
Creativity PrizeArtistic PrizeLiterature PrizeMagazines Prize
Greatest Products PrizeGood Fashion PrizeAdvertisement PrizeHigh Quality Design Prize
Outstanding PrizeArt Works PrizeBusiness Strategy PrizeHospitality Prize
Colloquium PrizeArchitectural Projects PrizeSummits PrizeYellow Goods Prize
Brown Goods PrizeInteraction Design PrizeExhibition Spaces PrizeExhibit Prize
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